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I know I cannot name all the different reasons people choose to pick up a spray paint can and “tag” public spaces, but graffiti is a fixture in most cities. In Philly graffiti is certainly represented, but we’re lucky that more prevalent is another type of art. I know you’ve seen them- on your way … Continue reading

Mummer’s Crash Course

If you live or work in Philadelphia, I hope you have heard of the Mummers. I say this not only because they are Philly-Famous, but because I was late to the Mummer game. I’m ashamed to say that I lived in the city for quite a few years before I knew about the Mummers and … Continue reading

Crossing the Schuylkill

If you live or work in Philadelphia, there’s something I know you see almost daily that you never notice. The poor Market Street Bridge must feel so used. So many people walk, bike, and drive over it every day and never think twice about it! For something so utilitarian, it has quite a bit of … Continue reading

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