Market Street

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Cupcake Lady

Ever just think, ‘I need a good story’? A small tale, something feel-good to warm my heart and maybe my stomach? Well I’ve got one for you- it starts with a lawyer and ends in cupcakes. Sounds good right? It is! Food trucks in Philadelphia are quite popular. I’m sure you pass them walking through … Continue reading

Urban Garden

Walking downtown on Market Street can be overwhelming, the buildings, the people, the traffic, the triple X movie theater… And on your way to wherever you’re going there’s a lot to miss! On my way to pick up my boyfriend’s bicycle yesterday afternoon (don’t ask), I discovered something new. That old, vacant lot at 20th … Continue reading

Insomniac Sugar Fix

A well kept secret of University City (until the past year) was a midnight snack that everybody wants. Geared toward all types of students, from those who need a study break to those who were definitely not studying, Insomnia Cookies deliver freshly baked cookies late into the night. According to their website, insomnia Cookies was … Continue reading

Crossing the Schuylkill

If you live or work in Philadelphia, there’s something I know you see almost daily that you never notice. The poor Market Street Bridge must feel so used. So many people walk, bike, and drive over it every day and never think twice about it! For something so utilitarian, it has quite a bit of … Continue reading

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