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Philly Magic

Thousands of people visit South Street each week. They visit restaurants, bars, and the shops that are concentrated mostly to the east side of 7th Street. This area is great for going out to eat or drink and tourists like to find the “Philly” souvenirs here, but there is a lot more that South Street … Continue reading

Hidden Treasures

I think it’s safe to say that most Philadelphia residents visit the famed South Street once and a while. We know that it is a popular place for tourists- they usually go do a little shopping and then drive (or the brave ones walk) down 9th street to get the famous Pat’s or Geno’s Steaks. … Continue reading


I know I cannot name all the different reasons people choose to pick up a spray paint can and “tag” public spaces, but graffiti is a fixture in most cities. In Philly graffiti is certainly represented, but we’re lucky that more prevalent is another type of art. I know you’ve seen them- on your way … Continue reading


For someone from out of town, the sculpture and the fountain at LOVE Park is an iconic scene. A picture of the park screams “Hey! I went to Philly!” However, for someone who has lived here for a number of years the novelty of the park has worn off. I still like to go there … Continue reading

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