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Cupcake Lady

Ever just think, ‘I need a good story’? A small tale, something feel-good to warm my heart and maybe my stomach? Well I’ve got one for you- it starts with a lawyer and ends in cupcakes. Sounds good right? It is! Food trucks in Philadelphia are quite popular. I’m sure you pass them walking through … Continue reading

Insomniac Sugar Fix

A well kept secret of University City (until the past year) was a midnight snack that everybody wants. Geared toward all types of students, from those who need a study break to those who were definitely not studying, Insomnia Cookies deliver freshly baked cookies late into the night. According to their website, insomnia Cookies was … Continue reading

Sabrina’s Magic

When I was on co-op at Drexel, I learned a lot. Typical statement, but not a typical outcome. As a psychology student in a research co-op, I learned that research was not for me. Ultimately I learned that psychology was not for me either, but even better, I learned what was for me. Sabrina’s Café. … Continue reading

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