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Cupcake Lady

Ever just think, ‘I need a good story’? A small tale, something feel-good to warm my heart and maybe my stomach? Well I’ve got one for you- it starts with a lawyer and ends in cupcakes. Sounds good right? It is!

Food trucks in Philadelphia are quite popular. I’m sure you pass them walking through the city everyday. Some smell delicious, some smell greasy, but some people would argue that their favorite truck has the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia. Near my building at work there is a whole alley filled with food trucks, it is certainly an easy place to pick up lunch! However, a trend that has started to spread around the country is specialty food trucks. In Philly there are a few specialty trucks, my favorite being the Buttercream Cupcake Truck.

Going back to the story, there was once a lawyer in Philadelphia name Kate Carrara. Unfortunately for Kate, she did not enjoy the life of an attorney. BUT Kate made a career move that was better for her, and frankly it was better for Philly. In 2009 she quit her job, bought an old mail truck, and began Philly’s original Cupcake Truck.

The truck makes stops around the city throughout the week, spreading Kate’s cupcake cheer. Although her formal training is not in confections, the Cupcake Truck is an absolute success. She bakes her cupcakes the night before and then packs up the truck every morning. The usual flavors are usually on the menu, but she also features seasonal flavors and other imaginative concoctions. Banana Nutella is one of my coworker’s favorites. For me, I like the red velvet.

So if you see an oddly decorated truck with a long line, remember the Cupcake Truck and Kate- The Cupcake Lady. Put yourself in the line and pick up a treat for wherever you’re walking to.

See a  listing of the Cupcake Truck’s stops at


About lauralucy

I'm an aspiring writer and editor living and working in Philadelphia. I have 2 dogs- a 2-year old Boston Terrier and an 8 month old English Bulldog- named Ruby and Luigi respectively. The dogs and I live in a row home in South Philly with a nice Italian. The Italian and I have been together for 4 years and couldn’t be happier. My life is good.


One thought on “Cupcake Lady

  1. oh yum. im rubbish at baking but i love the decorating part. i tried some at the weekend, would love to know your thoughts?

    Posted by tinkerbelle86 | August 30, 2011, 11:01 am

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